Whether you are a small business or a large corporate, our company can help you to achieve an online presence...

The process of advertising and selling products and services or generating leads to acquire new customers....

Visualize yourself as a site owner who has spent loads of time and money into building a good website....

Why Internet Marketing?

Having a website does not automatically bring in business. You need to bring in quality traffic and not just traffic.

In an era where millions of contending sites and spammers and phishers rule the Virtual  World, you need to stand out!

Effective marketing strategies will take you to the pinnacle of sales and success.

What Affordable Internet Marketing Solutions aims for you?
What we do at Affordable Internet Marketing Solutions (AIMS)?
Internet marketing

Email marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

On-Page Optimization

Linking Strategy (One-way and Reciprocal Links)

Search Marketing Campaign setup

Pay-per-click Campaign Management

Traffic Analysis

Keyword Research

Content Development

Ad Copy Writing

Online Ad Campaigns

Web Animation and Advertising, Flash Design

Contact capture strategy

Viral marketing

White paper and Newsletter development

Web Design / Redesign

Website Maintenance

Website evaluation

Why engage Us?  Because we at Affordable Internet Marketing Solutions (AIMS) AIM right on the target.

We understand you – your business, your market and your vision.

Our competitors study you.  We study your competitors.

We develop strategies to sustain everlasting competition and build your corporate identity.

Every project is our first project. Always. 

Market changes faster than technology. We adapt to changes faster than the market.

Don’t you think 15 years in the field is sufficient to prove our worth?

We still cost lesser than our competitors.

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